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Gherush92, Committee for Human Rights is a scientific no profit independent research organization.

The activity of Gherush92 has concentrated in the elaboration and realization of research, studies, publications and projects in the fields of human rights and connected issues such as anti-Semitism, racism, conflicts resolution, rights of indigenous people and minorities, women, children, poverty, valorisation of local and traditional resources, right to the cultural diversity, capacity building, accessibility, digital divide, e-governance, disable persons.
Gherush92 developed education for development programs, campaigns and initiatives to the intensification of cultural exchanges between Italy and developing countries, particularly those among young people. Interactive digital tools are designed also for the developing countries and are aimed at training, research and update on topics of interest.

Gherush92 participates to the programs of various international conventions like World Conference Against Racism (WCAR), World Summit on Information Society (WSIS), Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (PFII), Working Group on Indigenous Populations (WGIP), Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), Human Dimension Implementation Meeting (HDIM).

Gherush92 has been accredited to the next Durban Review Conference and its preparatory process. Gherush92 has been granted the special consultative status with un Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

Gherush92, news & information holistic database, is an agency that provides information.
It manages a holistic database envisioned for the web that will serve as the support for the promotion of the positive value of cultural diversity and of the "Diversity as a Resource" project against Racism.

The online database "Gherush92" is conceived as a service for collecting, managing and sharing documents in different languages and from different countries. All documents will enhance understanding of cultural diversity as an intrinsic quality of humanity and increase knowledge of the history of racist persecution and slavery.

The database is directed in particular towards schools, universities, the media, and research institutions and provides an interdisciplinary approach to the problems related to cultural diversity. The collection includes documents relative to racism, conflicts, emigration, cultural diversity, the environment, communication, Middle East, knowledge, culture, rights, biological diversity, the economy, ethics, nutrition, resources, security.

The collection of documents has as its goal the development of an "International Convention for the Protection of Cultural Diversity", as the fundamental legal instrument in the battle against racism.

Regarding the subject of racism, understood as negation of biological and cultural diversity, the database is a collection of official documents (laws, codes, papal bulls, scientific or legal or philosophical or literary treatises). All of the documents are necessary for a reconstruction of the history of racial persecutions and of slavery. The collection of documents in this case has the goal of providing a scientific basis for contributing to the understanding of the phenomenon of racism and to creating the necessary instruments for isolationg the criteria for assigning historical responsabilities and setting in motion a process of reparation.

A section of the database is devoted to conflicts that can be viewed as disputes of a cultural nature. This section promotes an understanding of the fact that many conflicts are not only political and territorial but cultural and that the cultural element is of particular importance. The collection of all the official documents serves the purpose of providing a scientific basis for starting a negotiation process.

In this context, Gherush92 has published the "Diversity and Peace" CD Rom on conflicts that includes a collection of official documents from sides that are all situated in an international context. There is also a complete collection of UN declarations and resolutions (Security Council, General Assembly etc) and of official reports and publications produced by UN bodies.

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